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About Professional Overhead Door

At Professional Overhead Door, we are more than a company; we are on a mission to make the world a better place, one operational garage door at a time. Our commitment goes beyond the realm of financial gains—it’s a calling, a mandate to help people.

Whether a garage door brings joy or frustration, its functionality significantly impacts lives. While garage doors are the vehicle through which we channel our mission, our focus is firmly on the heart of the matter—people. From our dedicated employees to valued vendors and cherished customers, it’s through these seemingly small acts that we fulfill our mission to enhance lives and contribute to a better world.

Principles that Transcend Business

At the core of Professional Overhead Door’s mission are deeply personal commitments that transcend traditional business values. Customer satisfaction is crucial, but our success lies in getting the first things right. This moral framework guides our actions, emphasizing integrity and kindness in all interactions. Our culture of kindness and integrity extends beyond our team to our relationships with vendors and customers. Accountability is part of this, but the primary dynamic is faithfulness to our agreements, rooted in a mutual understanding of what’s good for everyone involved.

Our commitment to hiring qualified individuals is not just for the company’s sake but essential for their own fulfillment in life. Our mission goes beyond garage doors; it’s about building a community founded on principles that ensure the well-being and success of everyone involved.

Our Mission

At Professional Overhead Door, our legacy is built on principles that shape our mission, a commitment to excellence that goes beyond garage doors, ensuring that every interaction, every installation, contributes to a better world.

Lessons Learned in a Legacy of Three Decades

“In my three decades in the overhead door industry, the lessons I’ve learned transcend the technicalities of hardware or the intricacies of our trade. At Professional Overhead Door, we don’t just focus on the details of reinforcement tracks, struts, or meticulous lubrication before installation—though these are essential. Instead, we prioritize offering our customers the chance to witness the transformative impact of our work. It’s about living, loving, and leaving a legacy that goes beyond the visible. I believe in leaving the world a better place, and if my legacy remains invisible while being profoundly real, that’s the true mark of success.”

Joseph Kamps, Owner of Professional Overhead Door

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