Building Careers, Fostering Growth

Professional Overhead Door’s Commitment to Employees

Cultivating a Service-Oriented Culture

Our company culture at Professional Overhead Door is rooted in service, not just as a business model but as a philosophy that permeates every aspect of our operations. Unlike other trade companies driven solely by profit, we focus on our employees and customers. Cutting corners is not in our ethos. We believe in transparency, avoiding industry standards that compromise quality.

Our employees are not just part of a machine; they are contributors to a service-driven vision where deep satisfaction in one’s work is the ultimate goal.

Equal Opportunities, Meaningful Lives

Our commitment to equal opportunities goes beyond professional development. We structure our Paid Time Off (PTO) system to enable our employees to live meaningful lives outside of work. As they progress in their careers, they earn increasing weeks of PTO, encouraging a healthy work-life balance. We believe in providing living wages, great benefits, and ample opportunities for personal and professional flourishing.

Our PTO system is designed to allow employees to live their lives while they work, challenging the conventional 9-5 model. It encourages meaningful rest and rejuvenation, ensuring our team flourishes both personally and professionally. This is just one way we contribute to the well-being and growth of our employees, creating an environment where they can thrive and find deep satisfaction in their work.

Career Development and Learning Opportunities

Our commitment to employee growth doesn’t stop at initial training. We provide opportunities for ongoing learning and career development within the company. Professional Overhead Door invests in certifications relevant to our industry, such as fire door testing, and sponsors attendance at various training programs, ensuring our employees stay at the forefront of their field.

For those inclined towards sales and customer relations, we offer a comprehensive understanding of doors before they step into this role. Mastery is a prerequisite before anyone can take on sales responsibilities, accompanied by additional professional development, such as the renowned “7 Habits” training. Moreover, we extend our support to related fields like welding, sending employees to community and tech colleges for specialized training. Our goal is to fan the flame of their interests and callings, placing them where they want to grow within the company.

Current Opportunities

Professional Overhead Door is not currently accepting applications for specific positions on our team. Check back soon for more opportunities!