About Us


Founded in 2011, Professional Overhead Door is focused on one key goal: customer satisfaction. We are convinced that serving other people in a way that we would want to be served, is not only satisfying for it’s own sake, but also good business in the long run. For us, that means providing the absolute best products and services possible while also making ourselves available to our customers 24/7. We know that problems happen and when they do we want to be there to make your life easier.

We have close to 30 years of experience and our staff is trained in all forms of installation, service and maintenance on both commercial and residential doors. A garage door is an important everyday tool and when it’s not working life comes to a screeching halt. Our company will always do everything in its power to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. We also make sure to do it properly and we warranty our service for a full year to prove it.

If you’re experiencing overhead door trouble give us a call and we’ll make sure to get you back on track!




Joseph Kamps has been servicing and installing garage doors since the early 1990’s working for a variety of garage door companies. He has taken the best practices of these companies and woven into them what we believe are the industry leading practices.






We install, service and maintain residential and commercial garage door products.
We are open 24 hours a day because “What comes down must go up”.